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Current Employees/Members/Volunteers

Nick2Nick Southwick-Hall, President
Nick Southwick-Hall grew up in Belchertown, MA with his loving mother and stepfather. In school he always struggled and never felt like he fit in and, at the time, alcohol and drugs gave him relief from those feelings. He began to live only in the moment without thinking about consequences. His dependency on drugs and alcohol grew so great that nothing could get between him and his addiction including family, coaches, teachers, therapists and even jail. Eventually his alcoholism began to affect every aspect of his life and it took 5 different court districts, 18 warrants, handcuffs and a secured jail cell to disrupt his destruction. Most of all, it took his mother’s love and the opportunity to enter a sober home, instead of 6 years of jail, to learn to rebuild his life. Now, Nick is helping to rebuild the lives of others. Honest Beginnings is more than a sober home. It is Nick’s vision to help others who have lost hope create and enjoy a sober lifestyle. The home operates as a family and the Honest Beginnings has grown into a loving unit of men and women who support one another through some of life’s biggest challenges. In addition to the Honest Beginnings family, Nick is also the proud father of his son, Grayson.
Deb Hall, Office Manager and Intake Coordinator
Dwight Southwick, Men’s House Manager


Current Board Members

Nick Southwick-Hall, President
Dwight Southwick, Vice President
Erin Thornton, Secretary
Deb Hall, Treasurer
Jillian Southwick-Hall, Member
Susan Daley, Member
Kevin Pacunas, Member
Jill Panto, Member

Former Employees/Members/Volunteers

Jason “Goldberg” Andras, Men’s House Manager
Molly Ashcroft, Women’s Program Director and Intake Coordinator
Maggie Bentley, Women’s House Manager
Melissa Brown, Board Member
Toby Brown, Board Member
Brian J. Cook, Vice President, Treasurer, Board Member
Steve Farnsworth, Secretary, Board Member
Emily Gaylord, Secretary, Board Member
Anna Rizzo, Women’s House Manager
Evan Ross, Men’s House Manager
Jesse Sands, Men’s House Manager
Nicole Westcott, Women’s House Manager
Jillian Beaulieu, Women’s House Manager