The Story

Executive Director Nick Southwick-Hall has been working towards Honest Beginnings® since his first day of sobriety almost 10 years ago.

Nick has been tortured by alcoholism his whole life. He believes that alcohol and drug use is only a symptom of spiritual malady. At thirteen Nick felt overwhelmed by his life and began using drugs and alcohol. His dependency on drugs and alcohol affected everyone around him and disrupted personal relationships with his parents, coaches, friends, teachers, and employers. It wasn’t until six years later that five different court districts, eighteen warrants, a pair of handcuffs and a secured jail cell disrupted his behavior.

Most importantly, Nick credits his mother’s love and the ability to be in a sober home instead of prison for allowing him to rebuild a sober lifestyle. At the first sober house, Nick continued to feel that something was missing from his life. Although he was employed, connecting with his family and dating, he felt he was crawling out of his skin.

Luckily, at that moment he discovered a recovery program based on spiritual principles. When Nick felt he had his life back, he knew he would dedicate his life to helping others experience the same joy. He believes that the very feeling he was pursuing at a young age has now been fulfilled by the love he allows to enter his heart.

Once he began to pursue helping others he realized just how many people suffered from a lack of hope. So many people walk the earth facing the same challenges Nick faced that he knew he could help them if he could only start a sober house of his own.

One day, he was driving down the road when he saw a house with a sign posted that read: “four bedroom house for rent, free wood heat.” Nick called the landlord and explained he didn’t have the money for first, last and security, but he wanted to start a sober house and could he rent his property. The landlord explained that he too, was an alcoholic, and would be happy to help Nick start his journey. Nick emptied his bank account, gave everything he could to the landlord, brought an air mattress to the house to sleep on and started his very first home.

Today, Nick runs a sober home based on the principals that were taught to him. What was once only a vision is now a dream come true. Though it takes 76-hour workweeks, and pouring any financial success into the home, Nick believes it’s worth it. What was once just a home based on spiritual principals is now an organization, Honest Beginnings, a place where people can begin to renew their lives in an honest and authentic way.